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Careers at The Pet Inn

Work with The Pet Inn

So you say you love animals. That’s a great start. Do you want to make a career out of it? Besides the opportunity to provide clients with a safe and comfortable place for their beloved pet’s to stay, The Pet Inn is a rewarding and fun place to work!

We look for dedicated, hardworking individuals to join our team and help us grow.

The Pet Inn offers the following benefits for our full time employees:

  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Generous employee discounts
  • Vacation and sick benefits
  • Simple IRA plan
  • A fun and nurturing environment with opportunity for growth

The realities of pet care

Providing exceptional care for our guests is extremely rewarding work. You can be sure that as a member of our caring staff, daily tasks will leave you happy, laughing and sometimes a little disheveled. It is solely our responsibility to maintain the health and welfare of each beloved pet in our care and to ensure that their stay with us is as enjoyable as possible. So, working at the Pet Inn is more than just petting dogs and cats. Though that’s a good start, you will also be a nutritionist, behaviorist, play activity coordinator, masseuse, room cleaner, laundry pro, and good friend to all of our guests. We work hard so the pets can have fun and enjoy their stay and so their parents have peace of mind that their pet is happy and safe while they're away.

Even play is hard work

We manage the fun and safety of several play sessions per day, including our Day Care groups. Between the group and individual play activities, a la carte services and endless cleaning, we’re on our feet moving all day. Talk about some tired dogs!

Sanitation is a top priority!

We sanitize guest rooms, walkways, doorways, play yards, toys, tools, food bowls and countertops constantly throughout the day. Plus, we clean laundry, grounds, windows, walls, and much more.

But hold on! When there’s still a smile on your face at the end of the day, and you can’t wait to come to work tomorrow because your favorite daycare dog will be here too, that’s when you know the pet care industry is right for you!

Please email your resume if you are interested in working for The Pet Inn or fax it to (916) 231-9957.