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Vaccination Requirements

For the protection of our visitors, staff and guests, vaccines must be current or administered two weeks prior to your pet’s stay. We require proof of valid vaccinations before your pet can come for a grooming appointment or stay at The Inn. Remember, if you don't have a regular Veterinarian, Mueller Pet Medical Center can vaccinate your pets too. You can fax current records to (916) 231-9957, attention: The Pet Inn, or ask us and we’ll have your Veterinarian fax them directly to us.

It’s not just a requirement, it’s smart!

Did you know that pets can share a cold just like kids at school? But Vaccines, like Bordetella, protect dogs against one cold in particular; Canine Cough.

Some diseases are even Zoonotic, which means you can get them from your pets. Did you know that Rabies and Leptospirosis are both Zoonotic diseases? Well you can protect your family, two and four legged alike, just by vaccinating!

Vaccines go to work immediately, but the body can take weeks to build up enough anti-bodies to protect against any real exposure to illness. To maximize your pet’s protection it’s a good idea not to socialize them with other pets or expose them to high traffic facilities (such as the pet store, dog park, groomers, etc…) until after this 2-week incubation period.

We require the following vaccination protection for guests that wish to lodge with us:

  • For Canines: Distemper & Parvo, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, Canine Influenza, and Rabies.
  • For Felines: FVRCP and Rabies.

For guests visiting our grooming department the above mentioned vaccines are strongly encouraged, but Rabies is a must.