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Dog Lodging at The Pet Inn

We offer a variety of Discounted Activity Packages to help you make the most of your pet's stay. Each package is designed to provide the perfect amount of play and interaction for your dog.

With rates starting as low as $32.95 per night, please call (916) 428-9213 for a full description of package details or request a reservation online today.


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Canine Group Play

Group play is great for any dog that enjoys the company of other canines. Any dog in group play has passed a temperament screening performed by trained staff and has demonstrated appropriate behavior for playing with multiple canines. Our staff hand-selects the play groups to ensure similar play types, sizes, and behaviors are matched to ensure a that dogs socialize, exercise, and entertain each other. Handlers use positive reinforcement and operant condition to ensure good behavior. Remember, intact canines are not able to attend group play.

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Canine Individual Play

For dogs that require or prefer one-on-one play time, individual play allows them to buddy-up with a handler in one of our outdoor yards. Out here, they can express themselves with a game of fetch or a splash in the pool without the distraction of other dogs. Individual play is a bonding experience for your dog and our staff, where we learn what kind of games they love to play and just how affectionate they really can be!

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Special Needs Pets: No Problem!

Sometimes pets are perfectly healthy but they need a little extra attention! We uniquely offer Special Care to Special Needs pets. Prices are based on the supplementary care required, which varies from pet to pet.

Please prearrange all special accommodations by calling The Pet Inn at (916) 428-9213.

For more intensive care and observation of sick or injured pets, we have Hospital Boarding available through Mueller Pet Medical Center, our 24-hour on-site Emergency and Family Veterinarian. For details and pricing please call our hospital line at (916) 428-9202.

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Medications: Of Course!

We have trained staff that can administer your pet’s medications during the hours of 5am - 10pm. We can administer all pills and topical medications to receptive pets.  For injectable medications, please call us to discuss your pet's medication needs.

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Toys and Bedding...We've got you covered!

Guests receive fresh fleece bedding each day plus we have an array of safe and enriching toys for our play sessions. We ask that you please leave your personal beds, blankets and toys at home where they can safely await your pet’s return.

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Bringing Your Own Food From Home: No Problem!

We offer two meals a day at 7am and 5pm of Royal Canin brand dog food. Additional meals can be scheduled, or sign up to try our afternoon house treat! If you prefer bringing your pet’s food from home, we ask that you divide each serving into a zip-top bag with your pet’s first and last name on it. We also accept perishable and canned foods.

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You can have it all!  We have a grooming salon, a veterinarian, a retail area for dog snacks, and a fabulous lodging facility.  After a stay that includes lots of fun and play, we’ll send your dog home with their medication refills, and they'll be looking great and smelling fresh! We offer a selection of grooming and bathing services through our grooming salon and can schedule an appointment for you that coincides with your pet’s departure.

In addition to the many package and A La Carte options, we offer even more attentive packages that cater to both our younger and wiser guests. For reservations, details, and package amenities, give us a call at (916) 428-9213.

Read about our check-in and check-out policies on our Arrival and Departure page.

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