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Our Training Philosophy

Our reward-based training courses provide an excellent opportunity for you and your furry family member to build a lasting relationship grounded in respect, trust, and fun.  

Group classes are an excellent way to teach most dogs basic manners that are needed for them to flourish in their environment, both at home and in public situations. A class setting provides the support and knowledge of a trainer to help instill positive behavior, as well as the community component which is critical to having a well socialized dog. Our trainers will help you identify why your dog won’t listen or behave and give you hands-on, sound and simple solutions that work.  

At the Canine Academy, you will find knowledgeable and passionate trainers that will teach YOU how to teach your dog in a safe and positive way. Proper training is essential for a happy and secure relationship with your dog. It will strengthen the bond you have with your pet and make your life with them all the more enjoyable.  Just like in any healthy relationship, your dog needs to know what type of behavior is expected.

Behaviors that are corrected sooner are easier to fix and the effort you put in now will last a lifetime. We know from experience that reward-based training helps us communicate in a way that encourages appropriate behavior in a fun and positive learning atmosphere.   

Our Classes
Our reward-based training courses run for 6-weeks, one class per week and each class lasting 60-minutes. We keep classes small, so that we are able to provide your dog the individual attention they deserve.  We currently have two classes and will add more as our trainees graduate or as the community dictates. 

* Our Puppy Academy is for our younger, fully vaccinated puppies that are 16 weeks to one year in age.   
* Our Beginner Academy is for fully vaccinated dogs over one year old. 

All Classes are on Sundays

Puppy Academy starts at 1:30 pm and our Beginner Academy starts at 3:30 pm

What You Will Need

We highly recommend bringing the following items to class: 
* A gentle leader head collar or a premier easy walk harness
* A 6-foot leather or nylon leash
* A 20-30-foot recall leash
* High value, soft treats that your dog will want to work for!   
* A positive attitude and ready to have some fun!

Call (916) 428-9213 today, for more information and to enroll your dog in Canine Academy